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  1. Welcome and apologies

James welcomed everyone.

Present:  James Cootes, Hanna Wagner-Nicholls, Maria Henry, Sam Pritchard, Chris Papps, Angela Buswell, Nicky Astwood.

Apologies:  Mark Rudings, Libby Hakaraia

  1. Minutes of 3rd November 2020 Meeting

Chris moved and Sam seconded that the minutes of the 3rd November be accepted as a true and accurate record of the meeting.  Carried.

AP: Nicky to touch base with Council around potential hosting of EO website.

AP: Nicky – STBH website, the button “read more on Ōtaki river” is not connecting to the story and brings up an error message – Nicky to contact Claire and get this link repaired.

  1. Ōtaki Connector Role

Eight registrations of interest with two official applications had been received.  Discussion took place around the role and Nicky proposed some changes to the role.  Nicky provided a priority list of what she determined to be the main priorities after conversations with some of those that had shown interest and other relevant persons. 

Nicky went through the priorities and some changes were made as a result of conversation around these.  As part of the document Nicky shared there was discussion around use of the identity logo and James has the draft version of this which he will finish by the end of the week.   Nicky spoke about the cost involved with the revised priorities.  Agreed the role should ideally be around 15-20 hours per week with five on social media and the balance in the community.   

Noted Murray would like to host an event at Antonio’s prior to Xmas.  Wednesday 16th December was agreed as the date for a networking event at Antonio’s.  Maria to come up with some messaging for the email invite and flick through to James and also include the logo use in this email.  

AP: Maria to pen some wording around messaging for the Xmas networking event on 16th December at Antonio’s and send to James for approval before sending out invites.  Also include content around logo use in this invite.

Robust discussion took place around the pricing and priorities of the role.  Once decisions made around the role then go back to the two applicants with the new description.  Agreed that a decision was required and there was discussion around the two applicants that had applied for the role.  Agreed that the role would initially be for three months with a review after this period and the possibility a three-month extension.  Nicky to have a further discussion with Sarah with changes the team have agreed and come back to the team.  Also ensure there is a conflict of interest process.  The expectation would be for the successful applicant to attend EO meetings for half an hour to provide update.  Successful applicant would need to link up with Kite Festival to collaborate and include James or Ange in this process.  Nicky to work through discussion outcomes and agreed Ange will be lead on Connector Role.   Nicky and Ange have approval from group to speak with Sarah and can negotiate the terms of the role with Sarah as per the discussions. 

AP: Nicky to set up outcome framework for Connector Role.

AP: Nicky and Ange to meet with Sarah Ferguson around Connector Role.

  1. New Committee Members

Once Nicky has done the checks on the applicants then James to contact and meet them to onboard.

AP: James to contact new Committee members and to then arrange to meet successful applicants for onboarding once Nicky has done the reference checks.

AP: Agreed that a mid-January meeting would take place on Tuesday 12th January – Maria to send out meeting invites.

  1. Social media – update

Noted everything on schedule for the TalkCreative plan which ends on the 7th December.  Discussion took place around the STBH FB page and the engagement.  There is a need to keep the content current and posted on often.  Business story due to go this week.  Artists from Arts Trail also in the pipeline.  The successful Connector applicant can help guide the group around social media.  Team to send queries relating to EO through to kiaora@elevate. 

AP: James to remove Claire from the closed EO FB page. 

AP: Team to send queries relating to EO through to kiaora@elevate so these can be dealt with by Nicky/Maria where needed.

  1. Ambassador update

Half a dozen or so hard packs to be put together of content.  Use the old brochures in the meantime.  Google drive to be created to share the documents online. 

AP: Maria to liaise with Nicky on hard copies for the Ambassador packs.

  1. Finance

No invoice has been received from Talk therefore no new invoices to approve.

  1. Kite Festival Bus

Quote for buses from SH1 to Kite Festival had been provided by Sarah.  Sarah is looking for money to help local community members get to the Kite Festival that hadn’t come on the train as those that have paid for the train is included in the price.  Sarah is looking for $2,233 contribution.  Would need to promote this event on STBH FB pages etc.  James to speak to Sarah about capacity of numbers on buses.  The funding request was approved by the group subject to James speaking with Sarah and OPG and Ange talking with the Accessibility Advisory Group to see if they have funding to add.   Ange wanted WellingtonNZ to push for cheaper train tickets from Wellington to events in Kapiti and will try and push for this via her involvement with the new Economic Development Kotahitanga Board.

AP: James to speak with Sarah Ferguson and OPG around more details for the Kite Festival bus funding request.

AP: Ange to speak with Accessibility Advisory Group around possible funding for buses for Kite Festival.

  1. Summer marketing campaign

No examples provided at this stage.  Potentially giveaways required for up to four promotions that are run to help gain traction for the new identity/logo.  $100 worth of vouchers per promotion was suggested and approved by Committee.   Also ask people to hashtag STBH etc.  James to put together some ideas and hand over to Connector role incumbent. 

AP: James to circulate some examples of summer campaigns over the next few weeks.

  1. End of year social event.

Covered earlier.

  1. LTP submission

James believed we should be putting in a submission for the Community Connector Role and anything else if this was agreed.  Ange wants the Committee to work with the Chamber of Commerce as there is now funding available through Covid-19 recovery package. Will come back to this next year.

  1. Billboards

Libby’s email was discussed.  Unsure if postcards were included in the price.  There was some confusion as to the costs and what exactly this was covering.  James will speak with Libby and then forward to the team for sign off.  Nicky to be copied in to allow for EPOs to be set up within Council. 

No consensus had been reached on Mark’s email proposal for the billboards near New World. 

AP: James to speak with Libby around Libby’s billboard email and then forward details to group for sign off.

  1. Matters Under Action

All matters discussed earlier. 

  1. Any other Business

The meeting came to a close at 7.20pm.

Next meeting date: Tuesday  12th January 2021. 

Minutes Elevate Ōtaki - 1 December 2020

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